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Thoughts About Interior Decorating

In Decoration on 20/03/2011 at 13:00

The easiest way is to take an interior architect and start from scratch. I did this for a long time with my clients and I enjoyed creating new environments. Since some time my philosophy about homes changed, in fact my love for decoration changed since more and more people as well decorateurs, interior architects and clients embrace minimalism. About minimalism I talk  in a later post .What I do now is giving existing interiors a boost and new energy with things that my clients and future clients own. I start with a blank canvas but with all the existing ingredients readyliving room in Brussels

  1. Nice articles sir, especially the writing about taking out the furniture and rearranging existing objects and furniture. Doing this can change so much the look and energy of a room. As you said, you really have to empty the room completely and start from the beginning.
    Do I understand correctly that you now offer this service to your clients, moving away from the area of work that an interior designer would become involved in such as, changing carpets and curtains, finding new furniture, objects and lights and so on..
    In these times of recession it makes such sense for people to look at using what they have rather than starting from the very beginning with new fabrics, furniture etc, etc, etc.
    I hope to read more from you and I hope that business goes well for you.
    Kind regards

    John James

    • Dear Mr. James
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Indeed I will propose my skills to private clients. If there is a need to change curtains or reupholster furniture I will do this with local craftsmen. I live between Belgium and the U.K. and travel a lot.
      I will post some more thoughts about decoration in the near future.

  2. Hello there housewhisper, I was wondering at your name, I am guessing that the elongated spelling of your blog name stands for The house whisperer EU, as in Europe. Am I correct in this assumption?
    It is by the way, a wonderful idea, The House Whisperer, that you can go into someone’s home and potentially change the feeling of their home with out much cost (if any!).

    I too am a part time interior designer and so wish you very great success.

    Ps: You say that you live between Belgium and the UK, does that mean that you live in Northern France?

    • Hello there,

      You are right in a way. eu could mean Europe as well as European Union.
      No no, I don’t live in the north of France. I know what you mean by inbetween, but excuse my English as I am Belgian, French and Dutch speaking and living in the lovely town of Bruges.



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