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What I think is the most important in a home, is comfort.

Comfort is often linked to quality and often this is true. So the day that you decide to buy basic pieces for your home, buy the best your budget can afford. Always have in mind that the basic pieces are in your home for the long run. And that you can regularly change  the added pieces such as cushions, carpets, objects and some light furniture who obviously will be cheaper.I would prefer to live with a wonderful sofa in an empty house then on a beurk….. sofa in a full house.

By comfort I mean big, deep sofas and chairs, little tables in easy reach, soft fabrics, good lighting for reading. Loads of cushions, Chairs around a table who don’t want you to run away after the starter.Dimmed lights, but in a way that  you still can see where you walk. Television placed in a way that your neck stays relaxed.

Comfort is also having an easy and logical circulation in the house.

Comfort for me is having my stuff always in the same place, so that I don’t need to search around. Comfort is having  my bed surrounded by my books and magazines on little tables, spaces to put my drink and leave my glasses when I fall asleep, My bed filled with big pillows and again soft lights in the room and a good, as small as possible, lamp to read to not disconfort my partner.

The empty living space in our apartment in Bruges.

Indeed the pictures are not the best ones,

They were taken with a Iphone without having in mind to publish them.  Better pictures of the ever changing apartment will be shown soon.The sofa in the foreground is the Ektorp by IKEA  By the way, the most chic and cheap sofa on the market.Now this model is sold as a package, very easy to transport and has always a slipcover in really beautiful colours, white cotton , black and white thicking , I used it once in a family room with a blue pineapple motif  I have for the winter a tomato red corduroy and Ikea does the most beautiful pink also. The bench under the windows is 6 meter long and made out of 3 beds and loads of cushions from ZARA HOME, IKEA, RALPH LAUREN and some old kelims and a favorite Dutch brand HEMA. So I can party and have loads of guests staying over to sleep.


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