The House Whisperer


In I like on 24/03/2011 at 12:12
My kids asked me to look for a pied a terre near the Belgian seaside. We would go often to Knokke le Zoute but we didn’t want an apartment or a house as it can be very sad in the winter and during week days.

Bruges seemed for us a good alternative. Only 15 minutes drive by car to le Zoute and the sandy beaches of the North Sea and the ability to live in a medieval city with nice restaurants, theatres,cinemas and shopping facilities .Our choice was a quick one.
Now we had to look for a house or an apartment in the city centre. Our criteria were for all of us the same: walking distance to the shops, the location had to be in what where the old walls of Bruges and a nice view, possibly on a canal.
The Gods were with us and we asked our good friend Mme Sintobin as she is a kind of Sherlock Holmes to find us a house.A week after we consulted her with our desires, she phoned me to tell me that she found some interesting objects. The first one was on a canal but to far a distance for our daily shopping. The second one was a beautiful little house with the garden that bordered a quiet canal, but even we had the chance to have a look at it was already rented. Then she showed us this apartment on a beautiful place in the middle of the city and we where smitten by the view and location.

I want to decorate it without spending fortunes and just enjoy the beautiful spaces. Not a difficult task as the structure of this 2 bedroom flat is already plenty of charm. With a very nice view to some of Bruges most remarkable Gothic landmarks


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