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In Collecting, I like on 26/03/2011 at 22:40

As I told before I am a shopaholic and a buyer of everything that I like, of course within my budget,always small but always creative. Buying is one thing, keeping is another thing and I don’t want to keep things. Yes, for a while in my house and have creative moments.After some time as we find other things I want to make new decors and objects can go and continue their life in other surroundings. This was a reason,that my partner(a convinced buyer  too, with an eye for the unsuspected daily objects) and I, started a business to sell our objects and findings, but not in a traditional way of selling the one odd object. No we specialise in grouping objects, make our own compositions, create visuals with objects and our wall hangings and make Wallscapes inspired by the Tablescapes of David Hicks. We  put them on a website called:

Collection of 1950s French Vallauris fruit plates in different shapes and colours. The top plate measures 60cm in length.

Beautiful assemblage of miniature heads of Wild African Animals made in Kenya in the 1960s in resin and then they were hand painted

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