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In Fairs and Musea, I like on 26/03/2011 at 12:09

I have the enorm privilege to live a two hours distance of the beautiful city of Maastricht in the south of Holland. Every year Maastricht is the guest town for THE EUROPEAN FINE ART FAIR. hardly to believe that you find under one roof  museum quality pieces from all over the world  in 5 distinctive categories. ANTIQUES, ANTIQUES PAPER,PAINTING, MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART and CLASSICAL ANTIQUES and a selection of galleries, selling 20th century OBJECTS AND FURNITURE.

The joy to see Breughel paintings near Serge Mouille luminaries and a Louis XV bureau plat in the same room as a chandelier and a mirror by Herve Van Der Straeten. Jewellery by Rene Boivin in the neighbourhood of Michel Basquiat and chairs by Josef Hofmann is something that amazes me and make me feel very humble. Only in museums you can admire so many Pierre Soulages and furniture by the Lalannes.  A Mark Rothko next to a Lucio Fontana. I can go on for hours.I did look more closely at the modern art section and the 20th century furniture and picking out a stand here and there that I wanted to see.

Imi Knoebel at Von Bartha gallery.

Duane Hanson at the Christophe van de Weghe Gallery.

Bracelet jour et nuit by Rene Boivin at gallery Veronique Bamps.

My friend Olivier at the Flore de Brantes stand with a chandelier and a mirror by Herve van der Straeten and a Louis XVI desserte and a part of a sensational Pierre Soulages.

I had a coup de foudre for these glass and bronze objects by the amazing Anna Dickinson at the Von Bartha Gallery.

By far the most chic stand: Flore de Brantes. Louis XVI chandelier and console. Dining table by Herve van der Straeten and artwork by Marc Quinn.

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