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Since I can remember, I have always been a collector, an accumulator of things. I began to collect stamps as so many of my friends in school did but I stopped quite quickly because I didn’t like to put them in books and not have the joy to see them. After the stamps as a kid I collected different colours of sand that I put in jars, miniature cars, carrier bags from big brands and posh shops and beautiful publicities that I hang on the walls as art. I made collages  and was always in the mood to change my room. Putting all my things in  the hallway and then back in the room but with a different configuration, this to the despair of my parents.

collection of Swedish and Danish objects by Just Andersen, Anne Bang, Palshus and other

I bought my first piece of furniture when I was 12 years old. It was a mahogany Biedermeyer table that I used as my desk to study. It didn’t give me much inspiration to study but more an opportunity to dream. Dreaming of what I would do later.

When I made some money, working in the week ends and in the school holidays, I could afford, once in a while with my mothers help, some of my first serious pieces. I bought prints by the Cobra artists such as Karel Appel, Corneille, Pierre Alechinsky, that I mixed with Celtic fabrics, sculptures by Berrocal. Arman and Cesar and 18th century decanters, old leather bound books and things that I found in flea markets and junk shops, (my great passion).

my first object : Mini David by Miguel Berrocal.

Instead of going to study for Interior architect, I went to work for Antiques dealers, Decorateurs, Interior Architects and I learned what you don’t learn at school. The Magic of an interior, of an object. Why something is good or not. I learned about the warmth of objects ,why they interact and what clashes. Take measurements to allow the brain to think and see in 3 dimensions. To see the finished product before explaining it to the clients.

I learned to explain a vision.

When I was 25 I started my first shop of Antiques and Interior Decoration. I’ve always had clients whom I liked very much and friendship with them has always been very rewarding. They always trusted my taste and they were confident. All this time I made houses for people where I would like to live myself. Real homes. I never made houses that would only look good in magazines. Most of my clients wouldn’t allow their homes being photographed.

After 30 years I was in for a new and exciting challenge. I had just met my partner in life and both of us love to go to Flea Markets and Antiques shops and we decided to buy objects of different nature and styles and origins and put them together in collections and create a website. That decision came after we had no more space in our houses to display our findings. I’m a lucky man I think, because I almost never get attached to objects. Having purchased them and having hold them in my surroundings for a while is enough to keep me happy Objects can go and live their life in other places and make other people happy.

In fact I’m a shopaholic. I never go out to buy one specific thing, but I wander around and find things, ranging from clothes, handbags in second hand shops( I buy them for my kids and friends ), objects to complete collections or to start other ones, I go everywhere from junk shops to high end stores and always find wonderfull things. I just bought a pair of beautiful Gucci shoes for £30 in a flea market. This is funny to do and I| make a living out of it.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that you will enjoy my blog.



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