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In Decoration on 29/03/2011 at 21:29

Of course these are my ideas of interior decorating and it is what I did for 30 years in clients homes and I always succeeded to create homes where people liked to live and to continue my thinking process. Once the decorateur(interior architect) is gone, the house has to flourish through the input of the inhabitants and become a home.

So, here are some of my ideas in decoration.

Mix and match,  Mix the cheap and chic. As you should do with clothing. It is absolutely very stylish to mix  vintage Chanel and  new Zara. Mix cold and warm materials such as antique or vintage carpets on natural stone, marble floors. Mix the rough and soft, for example, wooden floors covered with silk carpets. Of course you don’t do this in the countryside or with big dogs in the house . There is always a bit of logic to do up a house.

Put sisal on the floor and match it with white cotton slipcovers on the sofas (an old idea that still works) Mix and match colours. (about colour I will talk in later posts).

Here is a picture of an 18th century Swedish farm table,1950s French lamp,triangular mirror from a charity shop and a collection of 1940s to 1960s bronzed earthenware. Grouping together old wicker baskets of varying shapes and sizes,  on, for example a marbled topped Louis XV console table.

Play with the materials and with light.  Oooooh light is so important. It sets the room in a proper atmosphere depending on the mood that you want to have in a particular moment .Mix and match patterns in one room on sofas, curtains, throws, chairs, cushions lampshades, stripes,large and small, checks big and masculine, dots, large prints, feminine florals etc….and  then go to the extreme. It is never good to do the things halfway and go for a bit of this and a bit of that. No, you have to go for plenty of it.

17th century Welsh dresser with on top a collection of Italian and Spanish urns.

Mix the wonderful Ikea with grandparents furniture that you made your own by painting it with a twist, or do something crazy and personal with it. Give it your own style, make a statement.

Go for sleek in one room and for more edgy things in another room. Give yourself a treat, maybe only in one room where you will not spend much time.

But always keep in mind that you have to live in your house and that it doesn’t need to look as in a magazine.Your house has to keep yourself and its other inhabitants happy and you decorate a house for yourself and not for your neighbours.

Ektorp sofa from IKEA in ticking with geometrical patterned cushions behind an English 1960s coffeetable and a collection of European jugs. The 2 black spots in the front are corners from 1960s chairs by Pierre Paulin for Artifort.


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