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I LIKE:CELINE. The paper bag reinvented.

In Bags, Fashion, I like on 31/03/2011 at 14:14

Yesterday I was with my best friend Ree  in Lille, in the north of France,  and It felt a bit as being in Paris. In fact Lille is only one hour by TGV, the high speed train from Paris. Since years I haven’t  been here and a lot of good souvenirs came back to my  mind.

L’huitriere and Le Furet Du Nord still existed. SOOOO, Life was beatiful. After doing some shopping at Victoire (I love this shop in the vieux Lille. The colour combinations of their garments is astonishing and makes you feel chic and fashionable without being a fashion victim and without making you bankrupt too). Victoire has for example the art to bring the right emerald green pants combined with the perfect tobacco sweater and finish the look with the finest and most divine pair of gloves that you will not wear but just keep in your bag as the ultimate finishing touch . Then a quick look around the corner in Monies jewelery shop where Marine is the sweetest and craziest shop owner I know  (first thing when you enter  the shop, she asks to caress her beautiful young……and after a while  she leaves you alone in the shop to go and buy you the most delicious strong coffee in the neighbourhood- Trust in people you don’t know, magical moment of the day- We didn’t know her, but it was love at first sight. We really love her. After a delicious lunch in a little brasserie, specialised in Swedish food, (already forgot the name) No no not IKEA…. we went walking through the old town and went to Le PRINTEMPS.

There are different corners in the department store and one of them is CELINE  and I absolutely love/love it. All the bags from the S/S collection where on show and their rectangular bags(totes) are of a very understated chic.

Being a designer,you need to have a very strong vision to make from the most basic  things, in this case an iconic item,the most chic and representative object of an era. And these bags are.Combined in the most luxurious leathers and canvases , with a superb finish, this is due to become an icon.




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