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In Bags, I like, Shops on 02/04/2011 at 03:50

I saw the Celine bag and thought that the shape was quite universal and recognisable. Is it the reason that after a while I saw this kind of bag in so many different window displays. From cheap to chic. The other day while strolling around Lille with my friend Ree we saw this shape of bag in a shop called ZAPA. We went into the shop and a friendly young woman came to us and explained  the things to know about this bag.

The bag comes in 2 sizes and in a mix of about 9 leather tones and 3 fabrics, one in linen, and the two others in imitation python and leopard skin

I think that it is  really a good idea to have the customers involved in the  creation of something  personal, because a bag is something very personal. You choose a material for the bottom, another one for the top and if you wish, another for the handles. The zip comes in silver or gold colour and opens up a bit to create a little poach at the front.After having chosen your own mix you can personalise it even more with your initials.

Have a look at their website. I really like the idea. You can play around and let your creativity out.




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