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I think that colour is one of the most difficult matters to discuss about in doing a house. Colour is something that can enhance a mood or bring it down. Colour is something that you use en masse or in little touches.


In California. One spot of colour

In California. One spot of colour.

Colour is a thing that is very dependent on where you live. In the countryside you will use other colours then on the seaside or in the town or city. One colour can be used in one room where it  can’t be used in another one. Colour is very dependant on the light. In Mediterranean countries or in Florida or Thailand for example people use a very different range of colours than people living in the Belgian countryside.

With bright light use bright colours and with a faded northern light a house looks better in earthy tones. For example a bright yellow doesn’t live without the sunlight. And a mousse’s back grey will vibrate on candle light.

One small touch of colour can have more impact in a room than a colourful room can do in itself.


Daniel Romualdez for Daphne Guinness.

For myself the use of colour is very much seasonal. I can’t live in the same interior in different seasons. I tried very often to experiment with colour in my houses but it didn’t last very much and I often went back to white . Just plain white and I did everything in shades of whites and off whites. Then following my mood, I could add little touches of colour, as a painter does. Flowers, cushions, objects, they all changed very often  the white canvas. One day I bought yellow tulips and the theme would be in yellows, mixed with pinks. One day I would buy some blue earthenware and continue in that theme and do lots of blues.


James Franco decorated this room with Clarice Cliff pottery.

The kings of colour.

Cathy Triant Buxton created this colour scheme.

I love the soft hues in this living room. I call this type of colour The Farrow and Ball at colour range. Since they started their brand they made the most beautiful mixed or even non colours I could find on the market.Colours that I could only find in natural fabrics such as Belgian linen,  the most dramatic silks at jimthompsonfabrics., silk velvets that I find in Berwick Street in London or Indian cottons.


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