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I like: Inez de la Fressange

In Books, I like on 08/04/2011 at 01:27

I’ve always been a great admirer of Mme de la Fressange and went often in her boutique in Paris and even the one she had for à little time in le Zoute in Belgium.
I was glad that she became the directrice of  ” THE” uber chic shoe house that was on the top du chic ”made in France” from the 40s to the 70,



Who else then Mme. de la Fressange could be a better ambassador for this very Parisian brand. As she impersonates so much the French woman.

So, this said, Mme de la Fressang has done us the pleasure to write a simple,but efficient, book of what is a difficult matter. Style. But not international style. Nononono…. The quintessence of style, there were style is born: THE PARISIAN STYLE. How to be a Parissienne.This actually could apply to every woman, every where in the world.

A fun book to read, loads of excellent tips about fashion, beauty, decoration, restaurants, written down in a very funny way with lots of pictures.


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