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I like: Miriam and her style

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Miriam is my best, best friend and we get along very well, of course….. hehe would she be my best friend otherwise !!!!!! Together with Ree she has always been a constant in my life.

I like, and she does tooooo, go for shopping, my best mate for shopping trips,yippie…. Either in London or in Dusseldorf , Maastricht, Antwerp or the Hague or even in outlet villages in Holland and Belgium we always find energy and time to stroll around and discover shops and just things…. to buy….

I love Miriam’s style and the way she mixes up different styles and moods.She understands as no other the mix of the cheap and the chic, the fun of putting together the chic stuff with the high street . The chic to wear a hat ”and my oooo so fantastic, I want to sleep with my’ UGGs.”  Do all of this uncontrolled, the natural way.

(2 winters ago Me, myself and I succumbed to a pair of UGG boots and I have to admit in all sincere honesty, even if I hate to. It was my best buy ever……..,).

bon, back to the subject…..

I show here some pictures of Miriam ,but taken before I even thought about blogging and put these pictures on the net, so excuse me for the poor quality of the images, but style is there anyway…pictures taken for autumn winter 2010.

Style has no date.

Donna Karan wellies, Hunter faux leopard socks,vintage Mugler jacket, Natan skirt and the buy from the year necklace from Lanvin for H&M. Already a collectors item

 A closer look

Donna Karan coat, Tory Burch scarf,I want my UGGs and hidden the big Sofia by Ferragamo,on Oxford Street.

I will sleep with my UGG boots, with Dolce Gabbana skirt and jacket on warm cashmere.

Always with a smile.Riding pants, black cashmere, Zara jacket and a collection of colourful jewelry from charity shops.

Ralph Lauren boots,riding pants, Zara jacket and my little turquoise camera.

Little black dress by Zara... why not....we need 2 lbd from Zara for all the parties coming up

Zara cashmere coat... we like!!!!! we dont often disagree.

Stefanel, perfect fit, we love.

  1. Hi, I also love Zara cashmere coat your friend Miriam is wearing on 7-th picture. Would you be so kind and ask her if she by any chance would like to sell it? If so I’ll be more then happy to buy it from her. Let me know. Many thanks, Ania

    • Dear Ania,
      thank you for reading my blog.
      The picture of my friend Miriam was actually taken in the Zara shop in Dusseldorf and she didn’t buy that coat, but some other one.
      I believe when you check the Zara website that you can find cashmere coats.
      Have also a look at my blog about bags where I talk about a Zara bag that I BELIEVE IS FABULOUS AND WORTH THE MONEY.
      I want to wish you a happy 2012 and a beautiful cashmere coat.


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