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In Collecting, Decoration, Quick tips on 10/04/2011 at 07:30

It is very important to declutter, to regularly be strong in your minds and edit your closets, cupboards, dressing rooms and so on…..there is no shame to admit that all of us had regrettable buys in our lives. But it is no reason to have it remembered  ad vitam eternam. That is why the two scillables R and E that makes RE as in RE-invention, RE-style, RE-born,RE-use, RE-vamp, RE-invigorate and so many other, are so important.One will need to RE-imagine our living space. Whether we live in a small apartment in a city or a five bedroom house in the country, we will never have enough space. Also we don’t move every couple of years to look at all the ”THINGS”  with a fresh eye.

W e have to do the movings in our own house. E BASTA….

Principle one: DE-clutter and RE-organise. You should do it room by room and not too much at once. We can be a strong person but when emotions are involved, it becomes veeeeery difficult

I would suggest that you make three well separated parts, If possible out of the room that you are RE-doing.

Number one is : I keep definetly.

Number two should be: I will consider keeping or giving.

Number three will be: I will definitively separate from this item.

If I consider each step apart, then the first step is a difficult one, because you have to be sure that you will use the THING  frequently.

The time is over that we kept our objects in the cupboard with the excuse of: BUT my …… Or, I inherited it from my great……..and we took the dust of all the precious things for the sake of dusting…

Imagine your rooms, de-cluttered the way you really want , but still have to admit it. Marvellous perspective isn’t it.

The time is to clean up and clear our minds. Well, this is very sure an aspect that we have to consider very carefully. A clear mind lives in a clear and clean house.

We know charities in every country to donate things that for us are meaningless and can be a source of joy for so many others.Please when you are working out a room ,be precise and don’t begin with: Ha ja I can maybe make a bit money selling this or maybe I should keep it for ……….. forget ebay!!!!! It is anyway nicer to buy then to sell. All the hassle: for what?Just for peanuts!!!!

NO!!!!!! is the rule. You keep, you give and in the worst case, You throw away in a container.


If you want to keep things then use them on a daily base.the mocka cups in Japanese porcelain are so good for our daily shots of cafeine. The Baccarat glasses fit in the dishwasher, Yippie……..  Oups, one is broken…… so what. If it is not today it will be later, but brake it will.

Give to the kids, so all of them will not start their independant live with an IKEA set of 4, all in a box ,for 9,99.

Don’t forget a gift is a gift and do NOT tell them to be careful. Comprendo!!!!!

It will give your kids the joys of beautiful things that they can use on a daily base.

Of course if you have the chance to own an 18th century Sevres porcelain dining set for 24 persons, you will take care of it. It could belong in a museum. But apart from this, the dining set of your gran from the mid twenties is to be used,of course if you like the pattern.If you don’t like ,then give away.

pppfffffff enough for lesson one today.

Imagine a beautiful day in spring with only the things you need and want to use.Your mind is clear and the cupboards are well organised. Sipping Champagne in the Lalique glasses you where always so carefull with, A perfect day…….

To be continued.


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