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When you work with an interior architect, he should translate your needs and requirements in your house and help you make choices in the maze of what is available in the shops and on the internet. Most decorateurs know what to propose to their clients and  know why they propose something.  If the client doesn’t agree with the ideas then this should be made clear as early as possible not waiting too long before telling the interior architect that you don’t feel happy about something.

Comfortable living by Designer J. Randall Powers.

In the other way if the interior architect is proposing for example some colours or fabrics and he is convinced of what he proposes, listen to his advice, because he will mostly be right in his thoughts. He has experience in the matter. Well the good ones should!

Bright by Jonathan Adler

Bright by Jonathan Adler.

The interior designer or in French the decorateur, will talk a lot with you about your likes and dislikes, they will become very intimate about your way of living. They will show you  projects they have done and you are attracted by somebody with similar affinities or by somebody who can work with the style of your house.

Welcome by Albert Hadley

Welcome by Albert Hadley

From the clients side it is always good to  make mood boards ( clipping of pictures, fabrics, materials and images of things that you are attracted too) and discuss about with your designer. This will give him a better understanding of your desiderata.

Look out for a future blog about mood boards.

 All images from House Beautiful, American Edition.

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