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I like: Dutch Architecture

In Architects, I like on 22/04/2011 at 10:55

I like this architecture of fun and healthy craziness.Inspired by the 17th century Dutch architecture and particularly the wooden architecture of Zaandam,the architects of WAM did a wonderful job of twisting the mind and the eye. It reminds me of LEGO and the houses that I build as a child.

The colour green is a typical colour used in Zaandam (near Amsterdam) for centuries.It is actually a typical colour from Amsterdam and the neighbouring countryside. I love the mix with the blue and grey.

The more I look at it ,the more fascinating it becomes.

Inntel Hotel Zaandam The Netherlands

Architects :


Inntel Hotel Zaandam The Netherlands

  1. Hey there house whisperer, I see you have been busy with your blogging.
    Verr interesting articles again, well done!! Are these apartments for real? Wow and yes, a wonderful contrast with the colours.

    • Hello,

      Actually it is a hotel in Zaandam. I find it amazing that some architects have such visions and that the authorities approve building this. I will certainly visit it soon with my partner

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