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In Colours, Decoration on 30/04/2011 at 14:13

 If you want to do your house on your own,the first thing you should do is  making a memory board with cuttings from magazines, catalogues, pictures from shops, small pieces of fabric and carpet.  If possible ask samples of wood, marble, stone and others if you want to use them. Make a file on your computer with the internet sites that you like and make a selection in these sites. Scan everything and put it in files, Yes I too had to learn to do this.(ppppfffff it took me months).

Look at your collection of samples on a regular base and change and add pictures. After a while you will see that you will be attracted by the same kind of imagery. This is the moment that you are ready to begin working on a room, You have been chosing colours, materials, fabrics, furnishing, lights and so on from pictures and now is the time that you are able to work in one direction, inspired by the ideas you gathered together.  Now it is time to go for the real thing. Shopping.

I don’t mean shopping for fun noooo, shopping with a focused eye.

Grouping of objects.

For myself I always cut out colours that I like from magazines and I put them in a file to make schemes of shades. This is a good exercise to show myself wich colours I prefer at a certain moment. It is a bit like a mood board, I pick up different colours and things on trips or wherever I am to recreate a mood that will be the base of a room or house that I will work on.

Bit by bit my brain (the part that is still working) is attracted more to one colour scheme then to another and I begin to select the shades that I prefer and think about how to use them. I generally go for soft hues for walls and floors. But even if the walls would be in a mere heavy colour the way to follow is the same. Once the scheme is ready in my head I go for it, focused.

Curtains will be a statement in a bold colour or pattern or will flow in the palette of colours that I had in mind. I chose sofas  in combination with the curtains And the chairs, poufs and stools will match the choosen theme Of course the same for carpets and rugs.

If I decide to go into creams and shades of beige  or cafe au lait, camel, sand or off whites, I will do everything in this palet of colours and probably add 2 or 3 colour points that I can change whenever I want. I will choose flowers or change the cover of my cushions to give a different atmosphere.

Mix and match.

To be continued.


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