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In Collecting, Colours, I like on 08/05/2011 at 23:52

 A couple of days ago I came out of my house and walked in the little street from the Market Place to the Park and saw some agitation around a house where the blinds have been closed for months.Painters, decorators, the light firm modular were working on that house and the first thing that got to my mind was .. OOOOH yippie a showroom from  MODULAR but NOOO it was something even more close to my heart.

Two windows with a  display of a part of a collection of ballpoints. In fact 6500 ballpoints presented on racks in a very simple way with some fabulous spots from Modular.

I love the initiative and think it is wonderful to bring under the attention of the general public the work of peoples collections. Because it is really quite a work to assemble and manage such a collection. Bravo to Modular and to Mister VAN COLEN.

I love the new lamp they expose in the window  called the SCOTTY, see it on  supermodular.

please click on the pictures for bigger images.


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