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I like: Otto Jakob jewellery

In I like, Objects on 16/05/2011 at 16:49

Pair of earrings ''Pietrella''by Otto Jakob


I was looking in some German magazines last evening and I saw this amazing pair of earrings made by


I had a look at his website and fell immediately in love with his jewellery, inspired by the Byzantine culture and by the Renaissance. Jewellery that you can see on 16th and17th century Italian paintings. A little bit of Orient and Moorish influences and all this combined is so chic. I love the craftsmanship, the combination of very different materials and colours and the No brand aspect of these beautiful pieces. They are wearable and not showing off. For the one with the connoisseur eye they will be recognised as one of a kind art pieces and for other people it will look funny, You know,just a fantasy, you know….., For me it is chic, absolute chic because it has that non fashion look about it that I like.

A Little Black Dress and only one piece of jewellerey by Otto Jacob: perfect

Detail of a hanger in enamel, gold,precious stones and Boxwood, The hand is keeping a mushroom.

Rosenkranz made with tropical seeds, sterling silver, gold and ebony.

Antique Brasilian Tourmaline with Turquoise and pink gold.

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