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Saint Tropez. La Bravade.

In Cities on 23/05/2011 at 07:53

The days that I spend in St. Tropez were coloured by the traditional colours of the village , as they were celebrating La Bravade. All the inhabitants of the town were wearing red and white and in the most shop windows  there was an assortment on display of their red and white goods for sale.

The Bravade is a fiesta that is held each year from the 16 to the 18 of May to celebrate the patron saint of the city. Every year, on Eastern Monday, there is a nomination for a new captain and the celebration takes place on these dates in the village. The mayor, in company of the mayor of Pisa, is giving the ”Pique” to the newly elected Captain. The Guards of the Saint and other participants are wearing army and Musketeer costumes and walk around the city for a whole day and evening, with the statue. The guards and the Musketeers are  firing salvos of blunderbusses whilst moving in a cercle around the statue. They are making music and sounds with bells, drums, fifes, trumpets and tambourines. It is a quite noisy day but so beautiful to see the tropeziens having fun with this century old tradition


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