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Saint Tropez.

In Cities on 23/05/2011 at 07:33

Paul Signac Port de Saint Tropez

I was invited by my great friend R. to spend a couple of days in her new beautiful house in Saint Tropez. Together with me she invited one of her best girlfriends. A very nice and attractive woman that I only met once at a party in Belgium. It was ,,dolle pret” from the first moment that I arrived at the villa. Dolle pret means happy fun in Dutch. I was in a super good mood and in the company of two beautiful and warm hearted, funny women and I was also staying in one of the most beautiful houses on the presqu’ile of St. Tropez.To keep the privacy of my friends I will show no pictures but I would like to explain in a few words the atmosphere of the house.

The situation is wonderful, not visible from the street and with views on the bay of St, Tropez.It is minimal with the feeling of being in a  southern European monastery. No colours. All the floors are in sandstone and this was the base to do the complete house. All the furniture, inside and outside , ceilings and walls are in very light sandstone colour. This throughout the house.  No objects and no art on the walls, only one beautiful torso on a pedestal in the living room, only amazing views through the house and onto the gardens and the sea in the background. The funny thing that R. did was to give the bedrooms the name of a colour and put the accessories in that colour in combination with the sandstone.

It was kind of amazing, as I can’t relax very easily, I wes very calm from the first moment that I entered the house. Only beautiful things surrounding me and an extreme feeling of  well being. A big bravo to all of you who collaborated on this huge project and made this a masterpiece for living. You didn’t only create a house for living but also a very warm home.

Traditional fishing boats

In the summer season

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