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Jaime Hayon for Bisazza.

In Designers, Furniture, I like on 04/06/2011 at 20:50

Jaime Hayon,The most sensual designer from the moment has been creating a very sexy range of furniture and objects for Bisazza, called bisazzabagno.This well known Italian company founded in 1958 is the supremo in manufacturing glass mosaic tiles. The combination of  age old techniques of Venitian glass with modern day technologies made Bisazza the world leader in their specialisation.

It is a logical step after being for half a century on walls and floors in bathrooms all over the world to feel the envy to furnish the bathrooms too. Not just making sinks and baths but actually design furniture.  Furniture that you put in a room  that will become a bathing suite, not just a bathroom.a place where you want to be and stay for hours as you can do in your living room or your kitchen.With his furniture it becomes a room where you like to live in.

What is interesting with Hayons designs is that he  is always playing with references from the past and has created a very personal ”poetical” language.

For more examples of Hayons talent, have a look at his website :

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