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Iris Apfel: When dressing becomes art.

In Colours, Fashion, I like, The looks of on 08/06/2011 at 12:08

Iris Apfel is one of the most enigmatic,iconic women of the twentieth and the beginning of this century. Some years ago I saw a picture of Mrs. Apfel and  I thought ,without knowing who she actually was, that she looked eccentric and very special. In those days I wasn’t that interested in Style and Elegance.

 Although a while ago I saw again some pictures of Mrs Apfel on the net and thought that she actually is quite some woman. A woman with a strong personnality to wear forte colours, big chunky jewellery, even tribal art around her frêle frame. Mrs Apfel, a philantropist, who was an interior designer and co-founder of the Textile firm: Old World Weavers has always been her own stylist, mixing and matching couture ,vintage, high street and ethnic with the contemporary and  She looks each time convinced of what she is wearing and it becomes her natural way of living.
A refreshment in our minimal world. Extravaganza with style and without vulgarity is the summum of style. In any case be yourself, do things for yourself. I think that this is the message that Mrs. Apfel want to send into the world.

And then of course Mrs. Apfel wears those fabulous trademark glasses. Bravo Madame Apfel.


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