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I like Babs Bag.

In Bags, Cities, Designers, I like on 22/06/2011 at 10:41

Yesterday I went to Antwerp where I had a meeting with Babs, the interior architect of MrK , as she calls me the interior architect of MrsK. Absolutely adorable, she had a present for me and one that I really coveted. it was a book about the first 20 years of architecture of my all time favourite residential architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen. Fabulous.

Babs did a folie and a beautiful one. She bought a bag that serves the purpose of a big shopping bag and trolley as it has wheels and a telescopic arm  to pull it. It is created by the Dutch designer nielssmeltink. for the Dutch accessory brand

The leather is very thick and so soft and is having a kind of suede finish, very mat and a beautiful cream colour. Me, crazy of bags fell in love immediatly. I will go to Eindhoven this week end where there is an exhibition in the old Philips factories with young designers  It is called the  THE TEMPORARY CONCEPT STORE and you will find info on their blog .

The ideal travel bag. even Ryanair will like it. for a quick escape to Barcelona or Pisa.

First travel to see the interior designer of MrsK. in Antwerp.

No... it is not a pump for pumping up the tyres of my bike.


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