The House Whisperer


In Collecting, Decoration, Housewhispering, Objects on 13/09/2011 at 15:58

Time to start again working on my blog. It has been a nice and uncomplicated summer, holiday in Ibiza and I spend a lot of time at the seaside in Knokke Le Zoute and voila we are back and already half september.And back into business.

I started to take my new concept in practice and began to ”HOUSEWHISPER”  in some beautiful places throughout Flanders.Some friends were moving from one house to another and they asked me to choose the furniture and hang their collection of art and also to place their collections of objects. I went to their previous homes to make a choice of furniture, paintings and objets d’arts and then worked for 2 days alone with a helping hand to hang the paintings and place the furniture. I like to work alone and get the rhythm of the house listen to my favourite programs on the radio and not being disturbed not even by the telephone.

Here I Show you some quick pictures that I took with my Iphone, Bon not of the best quality but still good enough to give an idea.

The decoration of the house was done by my great friend Isabelle Reynders.

The beginning.

Mise en place.

In preparation, walls above fire place need to be painted in a soft shade.

Books need to be added yet.


Books will come soon.


Collection of mono chromatic Chinese porcelain.

Mix of styles in the dining room.

I still need a lamp above the table.

Work by Panamarenko.




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