The House Whisperer


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From 5 till 13 november 2011 the 4 edition of the Classica lifestyle , decoration fair will be held in the Xpo Halls in Kortrijk Belgium.

I will be a participant with my new concept THE HOUSEWHISPERER and share a booth with my partner John in COLLECTIONSOF.

The board of direction asked me to be in their commity and do the scenography of the exhibition around the theme of this year. THE CHAIR. So I am very busy in a creative way and try to visualise and explain what is that vision, visuality in my head. I have always had a passion for chairs and I have always bought and sold chairs from all origins. So of course I am honored and thrilled to show and most preferably, let feel to the public the connection that chairs from today have with chairs of the past.the way we look and should look at chairs. I would like to show that for designers it is very difficult to create something that is just new and has no value of references in the past. The use of different materials for a same shape throughout the centuries.

My favourite chair is without doubt the TULIP chair by Eero Saarinen. This for being the most elegant chair to look at and to be one of the most comfortable chair ever. In everything, the curves,material, colour white or black and the beautiful timeless fabrics,the finesse of this elegant chair reaches near perfection.

I invite you to share a moment of playfulness with me from the 5th till the 13th november.

thank you very much for reading me.



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