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In Designers, Fairs and Musea, Furniture, I like on 01/10/2011 at 20:49

The bistrot chair revisited.

One of the most talented young designers in the Netherlands and even in Europe is Sjoerd Vroonland. His newest collection is called ” REVISED CRAFT” For this collection he deconstructed 19th and 20th century classic chairs and reinvented them in new materials and used new techniques. I think that the idea to play with the existing and deconstruct, re-use the specificities of the product and use new materials and create new manufacturing techniques to create the same and yet so different, is a stroke of genius.

Since Eero Saarinen worked on the Tulip chair, the ultimate chair was born and in my eyes the TULIP CHAIR had never an equivalent in style, novelty, chic, usefulness, design, lightness, timelessness.

Very often designers try too hard to invent something new, wich is often, only achieved with new materials. Sjoerd Vroonland uses not only new materials but has also a poetic approach on design. This is making him a stand out of the crowd. Warm, human design.


I'll have one for in my bathroom.

I think this is the ultimate restaurant chair, the chair that stylish people will put in any place in their homes and use.I would use the chair to hang my things on coming home, I would use them in my childrens bedroom, a bathroom, my dressing room to hang a multitude of bags and put a pile of scarves on the seat. and NO it will not fall over as the seat is reinforced and made heavy as counter balance.


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