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In Designers, Furniture, I like on 12/12/2011 at 15:26

Before doing the exhibition about chairs, I met Geert Behaegel, the owner of the only factory of wooden chairs in Belgium. Called ”DE ZETEL”. They produce chairs for restaurants, cafes and hotels and Geert had the most wonderful idea to ask Belgian designers to create chairs in wood that would have a design potential. And indeed what I got to see amazed me and made me again realise that in our small country we have great talents. Geert has the talent to imagine a new product and the willingness to look forward and diversify. And the talent of our designers.  We immediately had a good contact and still have and I felt very lucky to show his chairs between the likes of Eames, Panton and Jacobsen.

Geert has created with his different designers a line of chairs, completely au gout du jour. from contemporary colourful to  an interpretation of Provencal classic and from a driftwood recycled look to a chic real new kitchen chair.

Please have a look at the pictures and I am sure that you will enjoy and also see what I mean.

picture taken at exhibtion'' the chair''

even more beautiful in black.

in a lot of colours


other colours on the shelf.

I am a firm believer that, we as Belgian should use the goods produced in our country, I really mean, made in Belgium. We can help our economy. We can help our planet and we can be good to the people surrounding us. I became a firm believer that we have to go for quality and pay more, instead of going for quantity for a lesser price  and the world will benefit from this. All little bits make a big whole and all the bits we can add will make a bigger whole in a short period of time.

I will promote Belgian goods and artists in Belgium the coming years, because it is worth doing this and I am proud of what is on offer in our small country.

Belgian people should be more aware of what Belgium has to offer and be very proud of it too.


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