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In Decoration, I like on 13/12/2011 at 11:08

I got the idea to make a chandelier for collectionsof when having the boot at the Classica fair.

I wanted to make a statement and make something with recycled objects. Recycling is the new leitmotiv in my  life and I thought that I could make something that could be liked by all ages.

And yes, the bears that I often saw in charity shops and in car boot sales would be the perfect item.

I went with my partner on a bear huntings through Sussex and I found an astonishing selection of teddy bears and other animalia, soft and very cute  in all sizes and colours, from the typical Harrods bear to Walt Disney’s Donald Duck.

I made a structure in wire (kippedraad)and Nina Marie, a creative young girl came to help me to fix all the bears on the structure. She did almost all of the work and did a terrific job.

at the fair

in a childs bedroom

A bulb on the inside and little lights inbetween the bears and the magic works.

and one can begin to dream.


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