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In Quick tips on 26/12/2011 at 23:51

I’ve always thought that it is strange to try to recreate an atmosphere in a house or  in a room from some far away country, where their light and smells and  colour-vibrations are so different or where people live differently in their homes.

When you listen to Music in an Oriental country, you can be touched and be driven away in the feeling of that particular moment. The temperature, the connection, the spirit, the smell of flowers and perfumes, the small noises that surround you, the different light that make the perception very apart for that moment. It is impossible to recreate that moment in your own surroundings with the music.

The same can be said for your houses.Each country has it’s particularities in style, light, materials, colours whom are proper to the place.

I never understood why people would try to recreate a Morrocan theme in their house in the middle of Brussels or buy half of their stuff from an Indian import shop after having been on holiday in the preposed…..oeioeioei country.Souvenirs, must the impact be that big or can it still stay a bit subtle.

I am a firm believer that every country without looking to close to the boundaries has its own beautiful materials and styles. There is also the possibility for each one to create his own style.

It is already difficult for loads of people to create an atmosphere of a lived in feeling, in their house with the things they own without going into the exotic atmosphere. Mixmatch souvenirs, group the things you bought on your holidays and make statements who after the first rain back home will look out of their place. colour has disappeared.shape is too big and shinny, wood has nests of little animals that you didn’t see when you where on the frenetic hunt.

And we can go on like days with such examples. I’ve my nightmare period again. Do i still have a Suzani pillow to much on my bed

I will put it in the hallway for this night and see if it helps.

as you all have an amazing bright eye for stock of holiday souvenirs and stuff, pictures would have been to much


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