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In Fashion, I like on 28/12/2011 at 20:03

No more seasons, fashion news every day, travel more with less, more freedom, more place in the dressing rooms, maybe smaller dressings, I don’t know, but this shoe is the perfect company for the woman who travels, who likes fashion, who don’t want too much fuss and whom in every circumstance will have a bow around her ankle.

The switch bitch

The concept is simple, a basic platform with 4 different heights in heels and ribbons in a variety of colours, always double sided in 2 colours

You choose the platform, go for flats and heigh heels, nothing in-between and all sorts of ribbons that are delivered by Switchit or even have them made in fabric by a seamstress . in black satin or with a silk scarf cut in 2 or in belts or whatever else

Let your fantasy play the role. Du moment, that what you want around your ankles need to go through the loops and voila 1 basic item + fantasy and le tour est joué.

gives this

For holidays on the beach, walking on the pavements of Ibiza town after dinner or plus chic with a LBD on Parisian boulevards you will never be out or in fashion, you will be fashion.

Ciao chiccas and walk for miles. in these fab shoes. Of course.

for more info go to:


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