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Let us ,for a while forget the iconic bags as the Birkin and the Kelly by Hermes or the matelasse by Chanel or the duffle and holdall by Louis Vuitton and let us have a look around what could become a IT bag or will never be one or just will have the pretention of would be,

should a IT bag be expensive? NO

look at this beauty by Zara in a very thick saddle leather and gold plated finishings for under 100 pounds

In tan and black for winter

Without any doubt the pliables by Longchamp are iconic bags.It began as a modest folding bag in 3 sizes and in a couple of years it put the house of Longchamp on top of the world.

What not one single bag could achieve with the brand of Lancel who was a very posh brand in the 50s and 60s or some other middle class bags, Longchamp made the ”Swatch” of bags the ”Golf” of cars. Always chic et de bon ton with a good pair of shoes, an oversized pliable . on a white mans shirt over a pair of jeans and loads of bangles and a woman is always chic. Every season declined in new textures and colours and prints

In the family we bought them from the beginning, You could play football with it stuffed with the clothes of the children going to boarding school or you could be as a magician because when you had no more there was always another. Des petits plaisirs de tous les jours,

Longchamp had the brilliant idea to create a foldable multi purpose bag and each season making affordable special editions as this special Christmas edition.even asking artists to make limited editions

As the new mot du jour is (and this for the last 3 years) less is better and we need to make choices we will go for the unique. The one bag who suits us the most and go for personality .Of course the budget will need to be a bit more then a pliable,

Go shopping without buying and make a list of bags you like and the purpose of them. Colour, size, use. Tell yourself that you have one budget and just need one bag. What will be your maximum affordable price.

I should say, go for a classic bag from a big brand that shows chic and personality. try to avoid the brands who struggle and have been part of a bourgeois culture. They will be always part of that culture of recognition. And try to resist the fashion bags as they cost more then 50 pound.

no more must have in Belgium by Delvaux.

new must have in Belgium by Givenchy

chic to have by YSL.

evergreen by Mulberry

My favourite Chloe.

Peekaboo by Fendi

so not new but still so chic by Chloe.

All these classic fashion bags I found on the site of, except the Brilliant by Delvaux who even is the most expensive of them all.

See you later for more.


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