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Mix and match, but as a good chef who knows the job, there is a limit. And the limit is good taste. And if you can’t really describe good taste at least the eye will discern it and the brain will distinct it. The new  maitre mot you read in every magazine is: put together, mix and match, everything goes together, Well no! Not every ratatouille is a good one. There is a certain amount of good ingredients you can put in your receipt and one of the ingredients that always will work in a house is wicker.

hanging chair from the 1960s

You will never have enough of this material in your home, it is always chic. Be it baskets from St. Tropez or Ibiza for your daily shopping who are stacked together in a corner of your hallway or baskets you put on your desk with decoupages from magazines or articles to read, or wicker footstools in your living room together with more elaborate furniture or coffee tables made by Habitat in the 1960s or a hanging chair with a big cushion in cotton. A wicker basket for stacking wood near the chimney, boxes in wicker in your dressing room to keep paraphernalia or a chair

that looks as a sculpture in your bedroom to throw your négligé before a wonderful night of sleep after a last glimpse in the wicker mirror.

for more information please have a look at the site of

P.S. : Look in the wicker mirror when you wake up in the morning and I’m sure you will have a nice day, anyway a good start.


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