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In Decoration, Housewhispering on 03/01/2012 at 18:39

My friend Cloo invited me for lunch a while ago and we began talking about houses, our common passion and, me always curious, I was looking around and thinking of eventual changes to make, I began mentally to put away objects, to import some from other rooms and to regroup in a more coherent way objects and furniture.

At dessert time she asked me some advice for little changes to do. Well, when someone asks me such a question I need and want to be honest and I asked her if she had a bit time to let me do a little creative work around the house and she had the sparkle in her eye and gave me carte blanche and a strong coffee,

I see immediately when entering a room what is wrong and what doesn’t work. It is quite easy for me to look with a fresh eye.


after, a branch in the vase is still missing.

I always have the general setting in my mind, but begin always to work from a corner of the room and complete the entire room bit by bit, What is absolute taboo is to put some object or whatever else in the already finished part. It is like a scratch on the canvas.








Well here you see some small interventions in the dining room.

In the next post I will show you pictures of some changes in the living room.

A bientôt. I need strong coffee.

The housewhisperer.

  1. Just beautiful!!

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