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In Colours, I like on 03/01/2012 at 16:02

I have always liked fabrics, old and new, from designers or tribal or from markets, I used fabrics as a throw on a sofa or a bed or to hang on a wall or to make pillows or just to make huge piles of colours,During my career as interior architect I’ve always privileged the natural materials as silk, linen , cottons, hemp and so on. And when it was possible I would use handmade fabrics for their rich texture.

I always loved blankets and since I’m in England I love above all the Welsh blankets. They were crafted out of necessity  of course, but now we can use them as decor items. Very often in superb colour combinations and in geometric weaving, you use them as throws on a sofa or cover little chairs.

Even thrown over a table for tea time (a bit old fashioned, but cosy) and you add a splash of warmth to any interior.Make cushions in different colour tapestry and throw them in a very huge white slip cover sofa and you’re ready for a bold statement.

view these examples at

Let you inspire by colour this year, It will enlighten our lives and will be a feast for the eyes. I like colour, patterns ,mix and match, but very often I use a plain colour palette as background and then throw splashes of colours, changing each season.

A real joy


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