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In Colours on 16/01/2012 at 18:06

Yes that is the question!!

I’ve always been a hard believer of colour and I’ve always used it in a good balance. With some clients I could go very far and make a kind of three-dimensional paintings in rooms. A pitty is that I never took  pictures. but c’est comme ça. Geen geklaag!!!

With democratisation of the ability to make good-looking interiors the use of colour has become a bit hazardous and now really everything is possible but by no means good.

Colour is something very difficult to use and one has to know very well where to use which colour and why to use one peculiar colour.

I don’t talk fashion, That is too ephemeral, but I like that , the quickly changing moods of fashion or even better clothing.

Here I talk about colour in and around the house. The good use of colour, were we feel comfortable.

My favourite colour since always has been white and all the nuances around white. for me it is the only colour that is not fashion and that will never be in or out fashion. The only colour where I will never be bored living in.

The thing with white is that you need good light. A light that is studied well and has to change with the conditions of the weather and by this I mean the light coming from outside.

From the EllE DECOR I selected this perfect setting

I like soft tones to live in during the day. For the evening, I mean for our long winter evenings, I like dark colours, From the chocolate browns to very dark plum and greys and black. Again with the perfect light. Of course candles. I have always candles in my house because it is the most flattering way to let an interior glow.

Spots, yes, but always dimmed. I always use uplighters whom are hidden. I mean by uplighters cylindrical pots that are placed on the floor and placed against a wall to wash the wall with light.

When you have a white, whitish or very dark interior you can add any other colours and change them following your mood.

I love the colour scheme on the optical white background.

Very dramatic but not so sure about the carpet.

Very soft dark greys with a little touch of havana.

So different and so artistic.

Fresh and chic.

more will come soon on my favourite subject, colour.

I like this too.

Aged and faded.

  1. Ah, kleur bekennen, very delicate indeed. Ik hou NIET van wit in een interieur, ik hou dan ook van be- lees: over- laden ruimtes. Used to be a period i my life, walls where night blue, as dark as possible, curtains dark purple velvet and dark burgundy carpet. Nowadays changed my mind into some lighter ( say not brighter) colours : walls kind of Venetian blue.
    The doorway to the old garden : like a lot. These colours are great, but then again : it’s nature in combination withe the beauty of decay.

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