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That is often true, but in Belgium it could also mean fab bags in VERITAS. As VERITAS is a haberdashery shop on the high street.

If you fancy a new bag and don’t want to spend much money or if you don’t have the money to spend on a Gucci or a Fendi Peekaboo then I assure you they have quite a nice offer. Of course you can not compare Veritas with the quality of a Chanel bag, but for the price, you should run and buy.

A bag is as a lot of other things, one will find it too small or looking too old or don’t like the colour, but all of that is your personal vision. I only want to make people attend on things I see.

And I believe this is worth it.

Who can do better for 59 euro.

This bag is made from leather and has a really beautiful shape. Très chic and Delvaux worthy. I really love this one.

Faux crocodile and still 59 euro

There are some other colours available.

Beautiful red for 49 euro.

And very cute for 29 euro.

surrounded by all these reds, pinks and oranges it was as spring was in the air.

If you are into colour blocking. you will certainly find your bonheur at VERITAS.

sun, spring, summer.


A last snapshot.

I hope that you enjoyed this colourful post.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Thanks Benoit for the priceless information, and Trueth is : Veritas is just around the corner from where I live. Like the first bag, but maybe not quite my style, the crocodiles so far look better to me, and the fluffy red one with a clasp an a little round side bag, that’s “It” for me.

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