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I was going through old HOUSE and GARDEN USA magazines, and I came across an article about a garden in spain designed by Fernando Caruncho.

 I am absolutely in love with the kind of architectural and strong linear gardens done by Caruncho.

Fernando Caruncho

Fernando Caruncho is best known for his minimalistic and contemporary gardens where light is one of the key elements together with water and geometry. He was born in Madrid in 1958 and after studying philosophy at the university of Madrid and learning of the Greek method of teaching in the garden, he was motivated to study at Castillo de Batres School in Madrid where he received a degree in landscape design in 1979. The obsession of Caruncho is the control of light. In Western cultures, light is often viewed as a source of wisdom; therefore it is an element of meditation in Caruncho’s gardens.

A great number of his gardens were realised in Spain and he translates elements of Arabic and Moorish gardens in his contemporary designs.

Mas de les Voltes in Mallorca.


playing with light.


Garden in Florida.

Thank you for reading.



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