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In Decoration, I like on 31/01/2012 at 11:25

A while ago I was visiting some of my younger friends who reshaped a beautiful house, where I did the interiors about 25 years ago. So I did know the house very well. It had a good structure and a warm soul. Well, I was surprised when I saw the house, that they where able to keep that atmosphere and warmth, but made it ready for a young family of this century. White walls in most of the rooms or a very dark grey or almost black aubergine for the evening rooms makes it a house that feels young and of this time.

They asked me some advice for colour and I suggested to use a bold palette of strong colours  as they have a beautiful carpet in the evening room from .

All the soft furnishing that we choose till now are in harmony with the carpet, even if the carpet is in a different room.

Family room.

View from the dining space / family room to the evening room.


Detail of the carpet.


Let colour be part of enjoying daily life.

Thank you for reading.





  1. Heel mooie tafel en prachtig tapijt!

  2. I love those beautiful colorful chairs and that carpet is incredible! Love it!

  3. Inspirational!

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