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Bruno Pieters launched his new website two days ago. It is a completely new approach of the fashion world. He explains into every detail, the costs of all the materials used and the costs of production and all other costs involved till the end price. His collection is produced in the province of Limburg in Belgium.

Pieters studied at the Modeacademie in Antwerp and graduated in 1999 where after he went working for Christian Lacroix and Maison Martin Margiela and worked as a freelancer for He went on producing his own label in 2001. After a stint  of 2 years from 1997 to 1999 as head designer of HUGO by Hugo Boss he went on a sabbatical journey through the south of India where he developed his new idea looking at the people using local materials to make their clothes. His team as well as himself looked for one year to source biological made fabrics and products.

Another innovation of him is to invite other designers to create and develop clothing that will be sold exclusively through his website and what is genius in all this transparency is except that you know what the garment cost to produce is that 20% of the benefits go to charity and 80% go back into investments in the business. He will produce Winter and summer collections in small quantities throughout the year and what is sold out will not be produced again.His clothes are not fashion, They are beautiful items that are investments and basics and that you wear with pleasure as a second skin. I believe that all of us have this kind of comfort zone items in our wardrobe that we can wear day in day out.

Bruno Pieters.


Image from honest by.... I love this skirt. Timeless fashion

Image from honest by....

Please have a look at his well designed site and look at the way he calculates everything till 4 numbers after the comma. allez in dutch , na de komma.

image from honest by....

Image from honest by ….

Thank you for reading this article.


Image from honest by….

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