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In Bags on 19/04/2012 at 11:22

I have always been a fan of beautiful bags and shoes. A woman can wear a jeans, a white t shirt and a blazer then she will always be well dressed. But the accessories are what makes an outfit ,outstanding.

ALWAYS having a good bag and shoes is a must. For me it is preferable to have only one bag, but the top, instead of having 27 bags of medium quality. The same for shoes. better have some Tod’s or Roger Vivier ballerinas  and  some classical pumps instead of having 36 pairs where your feet will not feel comfy in.

So, voila my selection of bags.

Zara. An absolute IT bag.

Hermes Birkin.

Reed Krakoff Boxer II

Bottega Venetta.

Chloe Paraty.

Chloe Marcie


An absolute must have. An instant classic. Affordable for everybody and always chic. These are the leather variants, but in any material, colour or size they are beautiful.
Check the Mary Katzantrou bags for Longchamp.

Louis Vuitton speedy. Good in any size. I prefer them second hand and worn out instead of a new one that takes ages to have a nice patina.

Chanel Reissue 2.55 from 1955.

Zara Shopper Basket. 49,95 euro So chic, affordable, classic and classy. Also in black.

One of my all time favourites. The Bayswater by Mulberry.

Celine: a chic and expensive fantasy. The original one copied by all the high street brands and other.

And last but not least. The must have for summer.

The traditional basket. around 20 euro.

This is a selection of my favourite bags. For more bags and other things I love you can follow me on PINTEREST

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Thank you for reading my post.


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