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In Bags on 20/04/2012 at 10:10


Belgian company Delvaux is coming out of their range of the eternal classic bags with a  variation in fluo lime leather of their most beautiful bag ever.The BRILLANT was created in 1959 and has always been a bestseller in Belgium. It has always been a bit  the poor parent of the Kelly and the Birkin by Hermes, but certainly a bag with the same class.

I was walking through Bruges this morning to get my newspaper in the library on the Grote Markt ( you will see a glimp of the market in the reflection of the window.)and passed by the Delvaux boutique and the colours made my day, It is young, au gout du jour, daring and of course beautifully hand crafted.

Warhol inspired window display.

Colour splashes.

Beautiful red.

Market place in the reflection of the window.

More fluorescent then this you can't get.


I wish you all a very sunny fluo day and let this colour inspire your wardrobe young and old.

It is joyous and in the perfect dosage,a very chic colour.

Thank you for reading this post.


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