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In Collecting, Decoration, I like, Objects on 21/05/2012 at 17:47

I would like to show you our favourite collections that we composed the last months. A variety of collected items. To create a collection, we start from an idea or just from one particular piece and then chasing around to find more of them. It will often take a long time before we consider that a collection is ready.

Our top ten.

Collection of African Headrests.

Collection of Damascus Trays.

Collection of Sea Shells in zinc tub.

Part of our extensive collection of Beswick Copperware.

Collection of four Hat forms with plaster sculpture by Henry Sausse.

 A beautiful collection of globes from the 1930s made by Chad Valley.

Part of our collection of Faux Wood Painted Beswick Vases from the 1950s.

Collection of Fulham Pottery in Pale Grey. 1930s.

Part of our collection of decorative hand mirrors.

Those Carpet Beaters would look fabulous in a small hallway or in a pantry or even in a small dining room. Funny and unexpected.

Please have a look at our site.

Thanks for reading my post.


  1. Beautiful images! I especially love the damascus trays and the pottery!

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