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In Fashion on 21/05/2012 at 14:20

I’m not used to write negative things, but about this I have to say what I think about .

Why the gdrbgggrrrr, woman want to wear this kind of atrocities? Is it a sportshoe? No of course not, to high, it has a compensated heel. Could it be for Chinese Lotus feet? Nono the shoe is too long, but I thought about it. Is it fashion? No it is business and ugly and not at all elegant.Is it clownesque? No it is not even funny. Is it feminine? No of course not, it will suit an elephant.

Is this a summer shoe? Is it because we have dreadful weather in May. NO girls no excuses. A sportshoe can be nice only when you do sport or walk. A shoe with a heel is so sexy and give such a nice silhouette. Kitten heel, ballerina, tower heels, yes sexy.

Don’t understand me wrongly, Comfort is an absolute must for everyone of us. A comfy shoe and you pass the day without problems……but…..

This is the ultimate not to have shoe.

They look as children’s shoes, but they aren’t.

Even in a fancy colour, they are unwearable. And in fact with what kind of clothes you wear with this ?

Her a small selection of wearable shoes.

Classic and chic Christian Louboutin shoe.



Roger Vivier.



Just an example of the many beautiful shoes made by designer brands or from the high street.

Classic sport shoe.

Fun shoe.

Fashion shoe, never out of fashion….

All STAR are a must have for every chic and fashionable woman.


And for the lust of the eye.


Charlotte Olympia. Exquisite.

I wish all of you comfy shoes for day and evening, be it flat or towering, feel well.

Thanks for reading and reacting.


  1. I totally agree! The wedged sportsho is a NO GO!

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