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In Designers, I like, Objects on 22/05/2012 at 07:02

Sebastian Herkner, designed for MOROSO this range of objects, baskets named Basks. Inspired, when on a trip to Spain, he visited a company producing yarns with paper.He developed with Moroso and this company a special paper and technique to use in a tridimensional way and create useful objects to store things.

Even used upside down,they have a function as small side table.


For the German company,CLASSICON, Herkner designed side tables that make us think.

We are not used to see a heavy material on top of a transparent one. This gives a troubled vision.

Our perception is tricked by the upside down use of glass and metal. Oeps…. it will brake, was my first reaction, when I saw this table.

The transparency of the glass bell makes the heavy material that is used on the top seem as floating

A real beauty.

  1. Love the purple glass tables!

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