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In Bags, Fashion, I like on 25/07/2012 at 17:08

First of all I show you a picture of the DELVAUX boutique’s window display in Bruges. I think it is cute, not really new or amazing, just a bit summer feeling.

Since DELVAUX was bought by a large Chinese company, I believe some things have changed and I was very surprised that I saw in a mail from Selfridges that the BRILLANT (Still my favourite one) is sold between the likes of Philip Lim, Mulberry, Givenchy and Alexander Macqueen

I like pretty much the bicoulered ones. And I like the all black in the biggest size. A very chic bag, when weared casually with jeans and tee’s. I show you at the bottom a very bad picture that I took on a rainy day before returning to Brighton. Tant pis for the quality of the image. It’s quite artistic !!!!
Though they are more expensive then the other brands, (the BRILLANT is around 1/3 of the price of a KELLY bag) the BRILLANT is handmade in the DELVAUX ateliers in Brussels.


Window display in Bruges.





Thanks for reading and enjoy the beautiful hot summer that we have at the moment.




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