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When I travell to see my friends in the south of Holland it is always a pleasure to stay in their very colourful house. A BOHO chic interior with a mix of 18th century and modern furniture, different collections, the largest collection of rose bowls I’ve ever seen, pillows in all kinds of fabrics, Oriental objects, kelim rugs, flowers arranged in a natural way by the mistress of the house, antique glass jars filled with seasonal coloured candies and everywhere and always loads of candles.

In this post I want to show you some pictures of the garden whom is at its peak. Pictures were made begin of July.

Before attending a garden party at a common friends new house, I went in the garden to meditate and having the benefits of its quietness. I took some random pictures with my iPhone, only for my own pleasure, not with the idea to publish. But as they are not too bad I changed my mind and with the permission of my wonderful friends I can show them to you, my followers.


The garden looks as if it is set in a wood, but in fact behind the trees are fields and the small town.


One of the terraces laid out in “klinkers” whom are old hand formed bricks.



I love the wilderness of this garden.





A Tulip tree who produces flowers called tulips but they are thicker then the ones, one buys at the florist.


The garden was designed in the early 70’s by the famed garden designer and book writer Elisabeth de Lestrieux for whom it was her first project.

Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope that this little space on earth can bring you some joy, dreams and loads of happiness.


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