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In Paris, Quick tips on 03/09/2012 at 12:02


As does the French call the end of the holidays and the first month that life is taking back the routine of school going children, the rentrée des classes and the start of work and the reopening of shops and restaurants after the holidays, My thoughts are in Paris now.


It is the month where all the magazines talk about which books to read, which theatre pieces and concerts you have to see and what is new in every domain.

Also every fashion magazine is talking and showing us what to wear and which items are the must haves of the season.

It just means that our active life starts again…….

And indeed the normality of life get a grip on myself. Holidays and travelling are history  and souvenirs and business accompanied with a more structured life is coming ahead. John and myself had long thoughts about business and creating novelties into our collections.

Collectionsof is starting to go global and by now we know better what clients are interested in.

I had the idea to start collections of brooches, beautiful small objects looking a bit dull on the revers of a coat or as a unique piece on a dress. But when put together by 3, 4, 5 or even more can make a statement. More about this in a forthcoming post.



Enjoy your rentrée and September will be a gorgeous sunny month , for sure.

Glad to be back and keep you informed.

Ciao and a bientôt


But this is also part of the rentrée.

Keep smiling and relaxing and enjoy music when you are in such a situation. You will get out of it anyway.


  1. Welcome back! Autumn is a new start for sure and I wish you (and all others) a happy and sunny reentry to regular life.

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