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In Decoration, Furniture, I like on 22/09/2012 at 07:07


Looking through old magazine cuttings I stumbled upon these images of rooms I loved very much.

I don’t remember from whom, most of the houses are or from which magazine the pictures came.

I love the combination of the materials and colours. Suzani on the wall and panther and tiger prints and the red/white striped cloth on the table.

Perfect balance and symmetry. I love the abaca carpet. (dried banana leaves)

Style mixing with class. Ethereal atmosphere.

All white and slipcovers. The inhabitants just left this space for the picture to be taken.

Calvin and Kelly Klein in the Hamptons, Perfect.

House in L.A. by Barbara Barry.

Liveable and feel good atmosphere.

Detail of simplicity.

So chic and personal.

I took pictures from the photos, They are not the best, but I wanted to show the atmosphere of these places. The feeling they have, to have grown with the time and not just decorated by a decorateur with his recognisable signature.

Wish you a beautiful week end.



  1. Zo elegant en harmonieus!!

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