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I like a non sophisticated look for myself.No fashion victim (anymore lol) but I absolutely like to be well dressed. I show you some pictures from the style that I am wearing, Unfortunately I can’t yet take images of myself to post and show you, Maybe in the future.

Anyway enjoy these pictures who come from my board MENS CLOTHING on PINTEREST.

I love to mix designer pieces,(Dries Van Noten is one of my favourite designers) and the cheapest clothes that I can find. My favourite shop is PRIMARK. for pants, shirts, and the thing that is in fashion, as army pants, bright coloured chinos and I always buy their fab socks. I like UNIQLO as well(cashmeres)and the designer editions from H&M.

At the moment I like to combine jeans jackets with combat pants and heavy shoes. because of the weather right now,

Otherwise chinos, nice belt, designer or not and white or grey T shirt and I’m a crazy bag lover… and I like brown suede shoes….

I’m lucky to choose my own style and I don’t have to fit in a peculiar dressing code.


  1. Quite a nice selection of men!

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