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In Fashion, I like, Paris on 26/09/2012 at 10:37

I am not a fashion connoisseur. It is only love at first sight. I have a coup de coeur and I’m in love. Well I am very much fanatic about the superb collection of Veronique Branquinho whom was the first to open Paris Fashion Week and whaouw what a start

I leave to other people to describe the collection. I can only show pictures of what is a collection of rare beauty and simplicity, wearable and super chic. I see much of my friends wearing pieces of this collection, because it is much their personality.

Let’s start with pictures.


These clothes are all in simplicity and reminds me of the GUCCI show in Milan. this collection has the same pared down look as found in the couture of the sixties.Only references no copying. Influences by Mme. Grés and ancient Greece in the fluidity of the garments. I don’t know, but it is what jumps into my mind.. I’m lyric about this collection and proud that she is doing so well and again a great Belgian talent on fashion firmament.

To wear armbands on the upper arm can be a bit ordinary but here in this collection it is completely right and even chic especially on top of the white shirt and in fact with all other clothes…. Trendsetting…. I think.




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